Hello world!

The platform in which we are using to reach out to our fellow abuse survivors offers a sample post that is always headlined, “Hello world!”  This seems apropos as we are wanting to reach all those in the world who don’t know there is a safe place to share their stories.  A place where you can say, “Hello world!  This is what happened to me.”  Where you can be as anonymous as you want or need to be.

We want *you* to feel safe.  Why?  Well, because we want to feel safe.  We have searched high and low for a place where *all* people are accepted to tell their story.  We know from personal experience that religious abuse and all the abuse that occurs with it is difficult to communicate about.  People have different ways of coping.  Often, individuals return to religion for their healing.  This forum is for everyone, including those that have chosen to heal without religion.  For those who as they continued on their journey no longer fit the norm of religion.  Are you agnostic? Athiest? Christian? Muslim? LGBTQIA? None of the above?  Do you feel like you don’t fit into most support groups?

Then you belong here.  Where you can share your story with others who will also support you regardless of your personal life choices.  Welcome home, to RIASN.  You are not alone.  Hello.

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